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That Time of the year..!

It is officially that time of the year when free food comes in multiple cuisines, when shopping isn’t a stress buster but the reason behind everyone’s stress and laughter is in the air. It’s the big Indian Shaadi festival. #bigfatindianwedding

Growing up in a Maharashtrian family I remember how dancing was limited only to the varaat which is epically timed to be at the very moment when the sun heat is at the peak. I remember a particular event from my childhood, attending a Punjabi wedding and experiencing the joyful energy in the sangeet function while I enjoyed the ice cream on the chilly winter night.

Throughout history, people migrating to different lands have carried stories, food, and custom with them. I think that’s how sangeet is now a wedding function pan India.

And who is to say no to this celebratory night, it may be the only time we witness some adults become children again and shake a leg to peppy songs. The couple gets to flaunt those lovey covey moves while the elders nod in agreement. And the “next in line” has more eyes on them than the chaat counter.

While there are many styles of a sangeet prep, it all lies between a soldier’s army training and an engineer preparing for university exams.

And this is exactly why we are here to help all those strong believers of last-minute prep when the panic monster is literally breathing down your neck.

Songs for the to be - mummy ji, aai, amma, maaji and aaji

Songs for jiji , di

Songs for munde - gali ke gunde ( oops! some Bollywood lyrics I tell you)

Songs for bridesmaids ( all those waiting for their turn )

After all dance showcase,, Leaving the mehmaan high and dry is a big no no! Try these playlists for your after party.

Now that sangeet has made its way in all Indian weddings, is it too hopeful to expect mid-night muhurats to follow the suite?

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