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Nrityavana was started in Nov 2018 with a mission to celebrate the diversity in the field of dance and encourage experimentation in the space of performing arts.

Why encourage experimentation?

Ideas are ubiquitous and as goes the famous saying "Boondh Boondh Se Ghada Bharta Hai", Implementation of these ideas, failures, and successes carve a process that leads to more learned and experienced crafts and craftsmen/women. One is guaranteed to find a hint of experimentation in each piece of work we do.


Why dance diversity matters to us?

Dance is one of the most ancient forms of entertainment and storytelling. Most folk forms originated ages ago and contain actions or rituals that open a window in the past. As the lifestyles of humans have changed overages, it also has resulted in the evolution of dance forms. Join us as we embark on this journey to find out about other dance forms and celebrate the diversity in the field of dance.

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